What Is The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy?

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When a business decides to generate more traffic to their website to sell more products, more companies than ever before are looking to social media to increase both visitors and revenue. In the past, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were simply used to convey information. Today, this is one of the most prominent ways for generating targeted visitors that can generate sales. Here is the best social media marketing strategy that you can use, specifically detailing each step of the process.


Start With Facebook

Facebook has over 1 billion users, and is therefore the largest social media platform on the web. It therefore makes sense that this is where your social media marketing should begin. You can branch off to Twitter later on, but you first need to create a Facebook page for the business that you are going to market. It is important to add a Cover Photo and a Profile Picture to make it look official. You will then like your own page, and then you will set up a like campaign. This will allow you to build a list of followers that will see all of your posts that you will make. Once this is done, you will then want to move on to the next step.


Start Visiting Other Similar Pages

This can be done either by you, or you can outsource the work. The goal is to simply go to other pages, like and comment other post that are made on the different Facebook pages that you find. It is important to legitimately appreciate what you like and comment on, or else you are simply spamming. There will always be great post that you can share on your own Facebook page, and this will begin to introduce people from other pages to the information that you have available.


Start Making Regular Posts

While you are visiting other pages, and you have your like campaign running, you will then want to start making regular posts. Some of the posts will be informational such as images and videos, and the others will be marketing the products that you sell. Each time that you make a post, the people that are following you are going to see this on their newsfeed, giving them the opportunity to either read or watch the information that you are presenting, and of course purchase what you are selling. You will want to schedule at least 8 to 12 posts every day, intermixing quality content with offers to buy. Once this is done, you will then want to create an advertising campaign so that you can target people based upon keywords and demographics.


Creating A Facebook Advertising Campaign


Although there are many ways to set up these campaigns in the Ad Manager, the easiest way to start advertising is to boost a post. They actually provide you with this option so that you can simply click on the link to do this. Once your payment goes through, Facebook will target the right people for your advertising. You can also use the Facebook Ads Manager and be much more specific in regard to keywords and demographics. There are some people that prefer to do this than trust Facebook for ad placements, but either one of them will work. The key to getting the lowest cost per click on every ad is to have a high click through rate, and also send people directly to your Facebook post. If your advertising directs people off of Facebook, these will cost more per click. By using this two-step process to get people to your website, by directing them to your Facebook post first, you can more easily target people that will actually become buyers.

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You can create multiple pages for different products that you sell, or different businesses that you own. You will use the same process each time. Once you have found a post that is generating a substantial amount of sales, you can ramp up your advertising campaign to target more people by spending more money each day. Facebook is a great place to generate sales using these simple strategies and truly shows the power of social media marketing.