Top Website Design Trends To Watch In 2015

responsive web design
Web Design

Websites are very important. They act as the mirror through which customers see and feel your business brand online. While this is the major role websites have played for such a long time, the trends, standards and techniques in which they are built have always changed. It’s either by design or as a reaction to the changing web standards, browsing devices and etc.


Most Important Web Design Trends to Watch Out For 2015

Web design is going to change just as it has done over the years.


1. Responsive Web Design

responsive web design

If you thought that responsive website design ended last 2012, think again. The number of mobile devices has almost matches the estimated 7 billion world’s population. And this is expected to nearly double by the end of 2016. Thus, responsive design is going to be around a while longer. If you are designing for a web, being a mobile fast entity is going to be almost mandatory. Responsive website design is going to be stronger in 2015 as it was since 2013. And this time, almost everyone including your competitors is opting for responsive websites. So, there’s no reason for you to be left behind.


2. Social Website Design

We are in a decade of social media although some reports state that we have reached the plateau phase. However, with billions of people going to social websites for a big chunk of their day, only those businesses which will design their websites to be social media ready will have space.

The nature of social media is instant. This means you and your designers need to discover the best ways of getting content to your audiences fast and more frequently.


3. The Rise of Infinite Scroll

This is another trend that is going to shape a lot of website design matters in 2015. This growth is necessitated by the immediacy and the mobile devices most customers now use. Only those businesses that give their customers a lot of stories (on a single page) can survive. It is also important to note that while infinite scroll is a trend worth looking for in 2015, it does come with its own share of weaknesses that you should be aware of. These include the numerous JS files, SEO friendliness and so forth.


4. The Rise of User Experience

user experience diagram

Let’s just state that the internet is live to user experience more than ever before. 2015 is going to be a strong year for user experience. This means that no website will be done or survive with poor user experience. This 2015, for you to appeal to most of the web users, you have no other option but to build a website that is user friendly.


5. Flat Design

A lot of modern web designs are flat such as Microsoft. The rise of flat design didn’t end in 2014. It will continue to rise as more and more people browse the internet on their tablets and mobile phones. Thus, flat design is still a perfect web design trends for 2015.

Generally, 2015 is going to be a strong year for trendy website design. These trends and more will define the winners and losers of the web. So, make sure to utilise the design that will make your business a surefire winner in the web this year. Feel free to bookmark or share this information with others.

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