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Tips On Managing Multiple Social Accounts

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If you are interacting on multiple social media accounts on a regular basis, it is sometimes difficult to keep track of who is posting. If you have hundreds of friends, you may miss some of the more important post that they make, or you may get so overwhelmed that you simply only use your favorite one. If you are using social media for marketing purposes, you will also run into the same problem. It’s difficult to schedule all of the posts that you are going to do, especially if you have multiple accounts from different social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, and there are ways to streamline this process.


Why Would You Want To Manage Multiple Accounts?

There are quite a few reasons why people really like to manage multiple accounts. Sometimes it is to keep track of their friends and what they are doing, the more times than not, this is about business. Social media has transformed over the last few years into a place where you can do online marketing instead. You can make multiple posts every day, and in the midst of those, you can have advertisements for things that you are selling. Some social accounts only post things that people can buy, and the people that subscribe or follow are actually interested in the products that you are presenting. The problem with using this type of marketing is that it is difficult to keep everything organized, even if you have a spreadsheet. Time is everything, and the more organized that you are, and the easier it is to manage post and schedule them, the more money you will be able to make. Let’s now look at a couple of ways that you can do this using either your smart phone, or your PC, for both connecting with people that you know and also marketing products on the web.


Use Your Smartphone

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One of the easiest ways that you can keep track of every social media account that you have is by downloading an application to your smart phone. This is a simple way for people that are simply trying to keep track of who is posting on Instagram, Facebook, and other accounts, presenting you with every post from each individual one. It also allows you to quickly log into each account, and make your post so that you can communicate. It’s very similar to how you are able to have conversations with multiple people when you are chatting, with the difference being that you are using an application that handles social media accounts instead.


Using Software Programs And Services On Your PC

If you are doing this for business, then you will want to download a program that can do all of this work for you. You will want to use programs that can not only allow you to place all of your social media logins to the different websites, but also schedule posts that you would like to make. Most people understand that the more posts that you make, depending upon the niche, the more likely it is that you are going to make a sale. Additionally, more people are likely to recommend your Facebook page, or any other social media page that you have, if you are consistently making post and there are an exceptional number of followers. You might want to consider using a service like Hootsuite for scheduling posts, and then you can use Buffer to you scheduling and manage all of your social media accounts on a single dashboard. You can find other ones that are on the web, ones that are free and also paid services, all of which will help you accomplish this goal.


Problems That You May Encounter

One of the most common problems that you will encounter is that you may be using a free application that soon will not be available. It is impossible for people to keep updating something unless they are receiving a monthly revenue, money that they need to justify providing this type of service. That’s why it might be necessary to use a paid service, one that has been around for several years. This will ensure that the company will stay functional, and if you can see how many times they have updated their software, this will give you confidence that they are the best one for you.
After you have organize all of your logins, and you have downloaded the application or the software program, you will be ready to enter in all of this information so that you can easily login to all of your accounts, and also schedule the post that you are going to make, which works perfectly for both social reasons and for business, allowing you to be more efficient for either reason.