Business Marketing for LinkedIn

For many people LinkedIn is just a place where they put their digital resume. For them, it is also a place where they just connect with other workers. More importantly, for businesses, it is just something that they do because they have been told that they should do it. We …

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What Is The Best Social Media Marketing Strategy?

When a business decides to generate more traffic to their website to sell more products, more companies than ever before are looking to social media to increase both visitors and revenue. In the past, social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were simply used to convey information. Today, this …

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How To Use Instagram for Business

      Instagram is a free photo-sharing media site which allows its users download photos, process them through a digital filter and share them with other users. Compared to other social media platforms, Instagram is more personal and has that business feel. A survey conducted some time back showed …

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The Best Uses And Benefits of Facebook Live

Is Facebook Live Worth Your Time¬† Photo credit: TechCrunch¬†   This is a question that many people have. They see how some companies are using live streams on Facebook and the level of engagement that they are having. I would have to say that Facebook Live is a great tool …

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Why Social Media Is Important For Customer Service

Many companies in the modern world of today find that they can get more effective and more well rated customer service results by putting social media into action. The reason for this is that many young people do not like communicating by phones or email, as they feel it is …

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Top Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media marketing has become critical for businesses in all industries. It is important to focus on implementing effective and efficient strategies in order to gain the most from your marketing. The key to getting the most out of your social media marketing comes down to implementing some of the …


Emoji Misinterpretation

Emoji Misinterpretation Is On The Rise Due To The Wide Variety Of Digital Platforms the dawn of the internet age, everybody has now become familiar with what an emoji is. Whether you’re using it on your smartphone, tablet, email or on websites, emoji’s are a fun way to show your …