Why Social Media Is Important For Customer Service

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Social Media
Many companies in the modern world of today find that they can get more effective and more well rated customer service results by putting social media into action. The reason for this is that many young people do not like communicating by phones or email, as they feel it is ancient and unresponsive. Generally, when people call a phone help line, they hate waiting on hold for even a couple minutes – it feels like your time is being wasted, and it can be very irritating when you cannot get through to a person who will solve your problem E mail has a different kind of issue, where when you send an email to a company you do not know how soon they will respond – it feels like you’re sending a message off into the void where it may never ever get seen by anybody.
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Why Social Media Customer Service is Better?


The difference with social media is that people do not expect an instant response to their message, since that is generally how social media works. That is why social media customer service can be better than phone line service. The advantage that social media service has over phone service is that it allows people to know that their message is out there and that it can be seen by others – and they can be confident that if they do not get a message in return, they can point to the original message as a way to complain about the delay, which generally makes people feel contented.
Another reason that it is important to have a large and well staffed social media customer service department is that it is crucial to monitor social media sources for questions and complains about your company that may not be addressed directly to you. It is very important to find and resolve this issues as fast as you can because the more people see the message and the longer it goes without a response, the more people will become upset and angry with your company. This can lead to the loss of other customers who see the original complaint. However, if you respond promptly and satisfy the upset customer’s problem, whatever it may be, they will often reblog or repost their original complaint with an update about how the problem was fixed. This will negate the bad things that can happen when other people see a complaint about your company being posted, and if your customer service is prompt and the customer is pleased enough with the results, the resulting post or image may even go viral, which can get your company’s name in the news for quite a long while and create a very good impression of your business for a huge number of people.
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