Minimize Cyber-security Attacks


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Everywhere A Bad Guy

There is always someone out to get you, that is the truth of owning a website or any other inter asset. The bad guys are always watching, waiting and searching for their next exploit. We know that you probably think that it could never happen to you but that is where you are wrong, it can happen to anyone. From big multi-billion dollar companies to a grandmother running a recipe blog that only gets 10 clicks from her kids a month. Hackers don’t only want whales, they also eat small fish. Cyber-security is a must for anyone who runs a website and with all the tools available there is not excuse not to protect your site.


It Isn’t Just About You

Cyber-security isn’t just about you. We know that you probably understand about protecting your site from outside threats but it isn’t just about you. It is also about the people who come to your website. Hackers can infect your site and cause it to infect anyone who visits your website if you do any type of ecommerce, data collection, name, address, phone number and payment processing, that information can also be stolen from your site.

So it isn’t just about you, it is about anyone who comes to your site. It similar to owning a home, throwing a party and ensuring the safety of all of your guest. It is just the right thing to do, it saves you money, it builds trust in your site and your brand. People need to know that you are doing everything to keep them safe. You also need to keep your company’s data safe as well. So safety is 360 degrees from you and everyone that engages with your brand.


Cyber-security A 24/7 Job

Hackers never sleep and neither should your security. Your site must be monitored at all hours of the day. You never know when an attack will come, you never know who has eyes on your site. It is not something where you just routinely do a security check, it must be on going, throughout the day. Yes, there are certain types of periodic checks that you should do but they are not the only thing that must be done to keep your site safe. This is even more true when you have other aspects of your company’s file system linked to your site or when you have a company wide intranet that networks with your public files as well.

Good security is about thinking ahead. Cyber-security is about not leaving any backdoors or entry points for the bad guys. It is like having dead bolt locks on every door, a security tab on every door, every window with a security sensors and zone alarms– Good cyber-security is all encompasses and it never rests. In the physical security world this is called target hardening– it is all about making your asset look unfriendly, hard to break into while also having all the hardware and human capital to prevent a break in. On the internet we do this digitally but it gives the same impression to any would be bad guy.


The Right Tools

There are many ways to go about securing your site and other web properties. You can person cyber-security software that helps you or your IT team monitor things. It allows you to customized how your site is protected so you get everything you need and nothing you do not need. There are many different software suites that will help you achieve your goal. You just need to look around and find out what works for your company and use it.

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The Right People

Besides purchasing and using the right software security tools, you might want to look into hiring the right people. There are many freelance IT security pros who specialize in cyber-security, these people can protect your site and do all of the monitoring for you. For many companies this is the ideal approach because it doesn’t require anything extra from them, it doesn’t come with a learning curve and these freelancers are often ready to set up everything within 24 hours. This is a great option so is running your own software that does this for you.


Do Something

In all truthfulness, it doesn’t really matter what you choose, as long as you choose some sort of cyber security measure. The worst thing that you can do is not have any sort of security. Running your own tools, diagnostics and protocols is great; hiring a contract cyber-security company to do all your site security is great tool. Whatever you do, do something and don’t leave your site sitting for evil hacker wolves to blow down your house. You have some many options available to you, just take action and you will be well on your way to a safer site.



The internet really is the wild wild west and there is no limit to the number of bandits that are out to get you. No matter how big or small your company is, there is someone willing and ready to destroy what you have built. It isn’t just about protecting your web assets but also about protecting the people who visit your site because often hackers will use your site to infect people who visit your web assets. So don’t only do it for yourself, do it for others. Choose from one of the many cyber-security options that are available.