A Guide To Content Marketing For Small Businesses


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When it comes to running a successful business, it is essential that you not only pay attention to running the actual business but also marketing and specifically, digital marketing. Most consumers spend a lot of time online and as such, digital marketing has become essential in order for businesses to stay relevant. People usually research and interact with brands online first before becoming real world customers. So, having a high quality online presence is quickly becoming a critical business factor. In this article, we will be looking at the cornerstone of digital marketing which is content marketing. After all, you need to have high quality content created regularly in order to attract customers and keep them interested in your business.
Content marketing is basically the creation, curation, distribution and even re-packaging of content to a specific audience or market. There are many different channels that you will have to create and format content for and these include the company’s website, blog, social media pages, YouTube channel and outbound marketing. The first place that we’ll start with is the company’s website and blog.


When creating a business website, you need to ensure that it is not only attractive, modern and mobile optimized, but also has tons of relevant content. The business website should always include an about page, contact and privacy policy. It should also have in-depth pages that describe the company’s mission, vision and future goals. The services and products offered should also be explained in-depth so that anyone reading can understand. Since most people browse the internet on their smart phone, the website should be mobile optimized and also SEO optimized. An SEO optimized website will help the website to rank higher in search engines and get more traffic which can be converted into customers.
Next, in addition to the company website, the business should also have an attached blog. The blog is where the business can be less formal and provide more detailed information about the business and its products. It can also have content based on the general niche that it is in so that the blog could attract more organic traffic.

For example, a company that sells BBQ grills and accessories should have a blog that includes information on how to cook the perfect BBQ ribs, the different types of BBQ flavors, how to properly set up a grill and other interesting topics within the niche. By doing so, the blog will attract more readers and subscribers who will eventually build trust and become loyal to that company and purchase their grills and accessories.

Besides creating content for the website and blog, you will also have to create a proper social media presence. This means that there should be a business Facebook page, Twitter page, Instagram page and LinkedIn page. Facebook and Twitter are the most important mediums that you should have a presence on and each one of these pages should be fully fleshed out with content. On social media, it is important that you have an active presence where posts are made at least once per day and any comments and questions are responded to. It is better to have no presence than to have a page that is rarely visited or maintained.
When creating content for social media, you can share some of the content from your website and blog. However, you should also create unique content just for your social media and this should mainly be in the form of pictures and videos. At this point, it is important that you have a high quality graphic designer to create pictures, infographics and memes. You should aim to create highly interesting and entertaining content that people will want to share. If you do this properly, then you can possibly create viral content which will help your brand to get a ton more exposure.
In addition to creating graphical and video content for your social media pages, you should also create ways to encourage your followers to interact with your brand. For example, you can host contests or ask your followers to post their own pictures and content. The entire point of social media is to facilitate interaction which has the ability to make your brand and business widely successful.
Lastly, the content that you create should be regularly repackaged and used in multiple instances. This is important if you have content that gets a lot of attention and will help you to push the content towards different audiences in different ways. Also, by re-packaging your content, less work will be involved which will reduce content creation costs in the long run.
In closing we have just taken a quick look at how to do content marketing for a small business. This type of marketing is definitely a lot of work, but if you do it right, it can give your business a leading edge.