Great Productivity Tools For Twitter



Many businesses, organizations and individuals use social media other than Twitter, oftentimes in the form of blogs, websites, YouTube channels and in some cases deviantART accounts, Bandcamp accounts and Etsy stores, depending on exactly what they do online. However, a popular use of Twitter is to link one’s Twitter following to their blogs to keep them abreast of matters too wordy to be a plausible Twitter post. With this in mind, there are programs like missinglettr, which, when connected to a blog’s RSS feed, will automatically and regularly send out periodic tweets linking your Twitter following to your blog’s latest post over a specified period of time, by default a whole year. This automatic advertising campaign can of course be a massive time saver for anyone with a blog and Twitter account.


Managing a Twitter inbox can of course be a challenge for a sufficiently large business. While a small local business may be able to manage every message that gets directed their way, a business of sufficient size will likely find it impossible to reply to every message tagging them on Twitter. However, some social media programs dedicated to Twitter make this process easier. AgoraPulse is one such program that serves as a sort of filter for Twitter messages directed at the user, allowing them to pull the most meaningful messages in their Twitter inbox out to respond to the ones that most require an intelligent response.

Managing your Twitter contacts:


Noticing you or your organization being mentioned on Twitter is often an easy matter as Twitter’s system will automatically show you when someone mentions you on Twitter. However, this particular system only shows you when your Twitter user name is mentioned and leaves you in the dark about other elements of your online presence if your Twitter user name is not mentioned in the tweet. A specialized tool like IFTTT allows you to search all of Twitter for posts mentioning you or your organization’s website that neglected to mention your Twitter account, allowing you to get a better handle on how many people are linking to your website without mentioning your Twitter feed.


As any forum owner or small town mayor will tell you, the larger a community gets, the more difficult and time consuming it is to manage. This is as true of Twitter as it is anywhere else in the world, online and offline, and when you have a sufficient number of friends, lists and of course followers on Twitter, it becomes hard to keep track of them all. With ManageFlitter, you can search your lists of followers and friends to find and identify inactive accounts on Twitter that are following you and accounts you are following that are no following you back. The program’s powerful filter coding allows you to quickly and easily discern who is spreading the word for you and who is simply dead weight on your social media following.


Interconnectedness is the keyword for modern social media marketing, and any social media expert will tell you to interlink your social media accounts, be they Facebook, Tumblr or WordPress. One particular social media nexus is Google+. While still something of a smaller niche in the grand scheme of social media, being a part of Google+ does allow you to add your online presence quickly to Google’s search listings, which is important as Google remains the world’s most popular search engine. With Friends+Me, you can make posts on Google+ that reposts your Google+ content, whether immediately or later on, to the rest of your interlinked social media accounts, including, of course, Twitter.


Answering questions about you or your organization on Twitter can do wonders for your following, web presence and credibility on Twitter and elsewhere in the digital world. However, finding which questions to answer can be difficult and of course a huge time sink that you may not be able to spare. With Zapier, which is quite similar to IFTTT, you can set up your email accounts to more actively notice questions directed at your Twitter account, sending you email alerts when you get a question. With these alerts, questions can quickly come to your attention and then you can answer them and reap the benefits of doing so.