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You Need Tools


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Protecting your website is a very important thing. Most people have websites yet they do not really think about protecting them. Some people have sites that are infected and they do not even know. Even worse is that people come to their site and infect their computers. What a horrible non-gift to hand to people who visit your site. It is even worse if you do business through your site because you become untrustworthy, you build a bad reputation and your site become unprofitable. You have to secure your site.

You have to do something about it, not just for your sake but for everyone who visits your website. You don’t want a bad reputation, you don’t want to harm the computers and mobile devices of others. You want your site to be safe for your own sake and others. You don’t want your data or your customer data to be stolen. You need to take action to prevent this from every happening to your site. If it has already happened, then you need to put a quick end to it and get to the other side.


Cyber Security Tools

Luckily, there are many cyber security tool suites that you can use. Many of them can be scheduled, are one click and done, can be schedules and they give you all kind of ways to monitor what is going on with your site. They are worth every penny that they cost. They put the power back into your hands and they make it so that you don’t need your own IT team or that you don’t need to hire a cyber security specialist. This is the route that the vast majority of people should go because it is affordable and gives them the most options.

It really is about options. There’s a cyber security software suite that can do just about everything. You don’t need to be an expert, you just need to follow instructions. Some software will auto install itself or comes with free installation from a professional who will quickly have you up and running. They often also come with unlimited customer support so if you have any questions or run into any issues, you can have them instantly solved. It really does gives you a lot of bang for the buck and the protection that your site needs.


Diagnostic Tools

Some of the easiest to use soft ware for cyber security are diagnostic tools, they work very similar to the antivirus software that you run on your computer. It checks your site, it searches for any issues, for infections, for root attempts, for back doors, it sniffs ports to see if anything is open, it checks your SQL databases to check for vulnerability, it runs checks against any known rootkits that are common or that have just been discovered. It gives you the full press of cyber security with the click of a button and it is a must for anyone who cares about cyber security.


Instant Detection Tools

Instant detection tools are wonderful and they do exactly their name implies– It immediately alerts you when actions are taken against your website. It gives you real time alerts and defense. One area where this is very important is when it comes to denial of service attacks where early detection is a must or your site will be taken off line— It is a very common attack, especially among novice hackers who use pre-written scripts to target websites. Like with your health, early detection is key to a healthy website and web properties.

As you can see, there are a lot of great solutions out there and they will all help you protect your site. Choose the options that best represent your needs. You might not fully understand that but customer service can definitely help you solve that issue. They will be able to hear your concerns, learn about past attacks and take you from novice to enlightened website owner. Their customer service doesn’t end there and they will be able to help you throughout the life cycle of their products. Give us a call or tinker around our site some more to learn more about cyber security.