Emoji Misinterpretation

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Emoji Misinterpretation Is On The Rise Due To The Wide Variety Of Digital Platforms

the dawn of the internet age, everybody has now become familiar with what an emoji is. Whether you’re using it on your smartphone, tablet, email or on websites, emoji’s are a fun way to show your feelings and emotions. But sometimes people who are not experienced with emoji’s may misinterpret their true meaning.
Every now and then you come across an emoji that you simply have no idea what it means. Most of time, you can hover over the emoji when sending it and it will tell you the emotion being expressed, but that is not the case for everything. Sometimes you may send the wrong emoji if you misinterpret it, then the recipient is left wondering what you mean.
There are plenty of websites that explain the emoji’s, however, it seems like each there is a new one created. It is hard to keep up with all of these emoji’s especially when you can’t hover over them to get the meaning. But if you take a light-hearted approach to emoji’s, then you probably just laugh and move on. Some people however sit there and try to figure out the meaning behind the emoji and wonder what you were trying to convey. Yes, it can get confusing, but it is nothing to worry about.
If you are unsure of the emoji, ask the sender what they meant by that. Or if you are on a message board, simply type a message asking what the different emoji’s mean so you don’t misinterpret them. If you misinterpret an emoji on a message board it can change the meaning of the message you were trying to send.
There is actually a dictionary out there called Emojipedia, that explains the meanings of all emoji’s. Although this dictionary claims to have the right meanings, a lot of people use emoji’s very differently. It also depends on what culture you’re from since people interpret things much differently depending on where they are from.
It is a lot of fun to play around with the different symbols, especially all the new ones that have come out lately. These new ones can sometimes be a bit confusing, which of course many of us will misinterpret. Again, just ask about the meaning or look it up online to see how people should use these new emojis.
Emoji meanings can also vary across different types of devices. There was a study done recently by a research group that found emojis can have vastly different meanings depending on the operating system that is being used. The researchers actually found that emoji misinterpretations is commonplace, especially when they are viewed across the many devices that are on the market today.

The real problem is that there is no uniformity when it comes to the emoji, which has led everyone to become confused. With so many different platforms, devices and operating systems, the emoji meanings can all convey something else other than the original intent. This leads to a lot of miscommunication and confusion when the recipient of your message is on a different platform then you.

Be aware that if you are using an emoji that it could come out completely different when the recipient views it. This can be a problem, especially for businesses looking to convey a certain type of message regarding their brand. If they are using an emoji, you can see how someone could easily misinterpret their message. This is definitely problematic for businesses, so they might want to avoid using the emoji altogether.
Social media plays a huge part in our live today especially with the younger generation. It seems like the younger generation loves using the emoji, especially on Twitter and Facebook. We see these characters all the time, so hopefully soon enough Twitter and Facebook will put out an emoji guide showing what each one means.
In the US emoji use is very high, so all of the big social media companies have had to change things around to better appeal to their users. They are constantly adding new ones, plus they will switch them around to see what users prefer. It really doesn’t have to be a difficult problem if the social media platforms put out a universal guide to the emoji. That would probably simplify things a bit more, helping all of us better understand the emoji.
As you can see from above, emoji misinterpretation happens all the time now that we have so many new ones created on a daily basis. Everybody at one time or another will look at an emoji and then try to figure out what it means. Often times you end up not figuring out, or you just think you know and misinterpret the original meaning. Hopefully, one day everything becomes standard, so we never have to worry about the true intent of what someone was trying to say.