Business Marketing for LinkedIn

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For many people LinkedIn is just a place where they put their digital resume. For them, it is also a place where they just connect with other workers. More importantly, for businesses, it is just something that they do because they have been told that they should do it. We want to challenge all of the above and we want to make it known that there more important ways to use the service. We want to show you that LinkedIn can be used for business marketing and not just a place where you have an account because everyone else does.


The way that most businesses use LinkedIn is not very good. They don’t use it in a way that can bring them more customers. They don’t use it in a way that improves their brand. They use it in a very average and unproductive way. They aren’t getting anything for their efforts. Most of them don’t realize the level of marketing that is possible on LinkedIn. So they don’t take advantage of it and they are just wasting digital space. We think that there are more important things that you can do on LinkedIn to improve your business.

So the first thing we have to tackle is, what can LinkedIn really do for your business. How we see it, you can use LinkedIn to market to people, other businesses and to build yourself a very powerful brand. LinkedIn is a place for professionals come to network. Because it is a networking site you can run all different types of marketing. You can find all sorts of ways to get in front of people who could use your services. That is how you have to think of LinkedIn as an opportunity to build and improve your brand. So that is what we are going to focus on.

The number one thing that we believe that all businesses should do, at least those who do business to business type of business. Is that you need to become an authority source on LinkedIn. What do we mean by that? What we mean is that you need to start sharing content within LinkedIn that can help other businesses. You need to become a person who discusses the type of work you do and how it can help others. You need to put up a ton of content and reach out to people.

You can individually find companies and people to share this information with. You should do so without trying to sell them anything. Just share information that is highly useful. Think about how businesses do search engine optimization and how they create tons of helpful articles to attract people. This is the same approach that you should take with linkedin. It is an approach that works very well. It is a process that allows you to get a ton of content out to people so that they naturally see you as an authority within your field and as someone who has the answers that they need.

As you continue to pump out this type of content directly to people, these businesses will become familiar with you. When they start to think of the type of services that you offer they think of you. When they think of your industry they think of you. This means that you have created a brand that is the face of your industry and the type of services that you provide. This is how you hit critical mass and how you become very influential within this community. It is the process everyone should take when using a social network like this.

You can also use the content that you create, the direct marketing that you use, and everything that you do marketing wise to bring these businesses and people into a marketing funnel where you have their contact information. With that information you can do more pin point the marketing. You can do more traditional Internet marketing and give your business even more exposure to these people. That is what it is all about, exposure, creating a brand, making sure that you are on their mind and that they think of you when they think of the industry that you represent.

As you can now see, LinkedIn is a great way to market your business. But most people are doing it completely wrong. They aren’t getting any real value out of their membership. They aren’t using it to improve their business in any way. Hopefully, by reading this article you can now see how you can properly use this service to market your business. You can now see that there are many ideas that you can use that will make you a lot more popular. That these ideas will extend your brand and make people think about your company.