The Best Uses And Benefits of Facebook Live

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Is Facebook Live Worth Your Time 

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This is a question that many people have. They see how some companies are using live streams on Facebook and the level of engagement that they are having. I would have to say that Facebook Live is a great tool and it is well worth your time. It falls into all the categories and objectives that we already or at least should know and use social media for. So if you know what you are doing, if you understand soft marketing, then Facebook Live is going to help you reach your social media derived goals.


See It As Just Another Tool

Facebook Live is just another tool. Yes, it is important, it can grow your business, it can help give you a bigger profile, it can help you connect with your customers and potential customers. It is a very powerful tool but just a tool. It is up to you to get the most out of it. It takes planning and knowing what you are trying or should represent when you go LIVE on Facebook. It might take working with a marketing expert to properly define your message but at all moments it must be natural and identity building for both you and your viewers.
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Facebook Live: Building Brand Identity

Why do you use social media? Do you use it because you are supposed to use it or do you have a goal? Is your goal just more followers and likes or do you have real goals, the type that grows business, builds trust, builds rapport and causes people to identify your industry with you? The latter is the highest use of social media and what you should focus your time on. Facebook Live is a great tool to achieve those objectives. Like all forms of social media, you need a plan and you need to know what you are after and why.


Use Facebook Live To Build Rapport

The top thing that most businesses and people fail at doing with social media is build rapport. They instead just post product information, a canned quote or some other lifeless information. People want to connect. I can it the Apple model– People don’t just want Apple products, they want the Apple lifestyle. Everything is a lifestyle brand, an inspirational and aspiration brand. At each moment that you do social media marketing, you are creating what someone is or what they can become. Facebook Live is a perfect way to do this and if used right will increase engagement.


Use It To Build Trust

Our social media goal is always to build rapport, trust and familiarity. We want out social media contacts to see us as a trusted friend/company– someone who they can identify on several levels, be that aspirational or someone who is going through the same things that they are. Facebook Live is a great tool to do this with and can create some authenticity to a company’s marketing efforts. It is a great way to showcase what is going on with you or your company in the moment. It humanizes you and brings the world into your life.


It Is Another Way To Engage Your Audience

Facebook live is just another way to engage your social media audience. To connect with them and to use that connection to create more business. Use every tool that you can to build more business. It has already been show that engagement on social media is higher with a live feed because people love being involved as something is happening.



Use it, master it, create a plan, set your objectives and make Facebook Live into a valuable tool in your quiver of marketing arrows. You will get out of it as much as you put in. If you already have a social media campaign and strategy that is working, adding Facebook Live to your list of tools will be quite easy. So get started on it, consult with a social media pro and craft the perfect strategy for your business to excel on social media utilizing this new tool that has a ton of potential in achieving your goals.