Best Strip Clubs in Gold Coast Australia


It would be extremely inappropriate to term any strip club in the Gold Coast region of Australia as the “best”. First, there are quite a lot of these establishments in the region and the majority of them offer exquisite services that reward them with a good number of nightly visitors. Regardless of your reason for visiting a strip club, we’ve compiled a list of the top strip clubs in the Gold Coast of Australia that you should definitely consider.

 1. Hollywood Showgirls

Location: 19 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217
Contact: +61 7 5526 2946
Opening hours: Open everyday from 9pm – 5am

This strip club is ideal for people who want an environment that isn’t too rowdy and one of the few strip clubs open every single day of the week. In Hollywood Showgirls, you can comfortably enjoy some booze while you help yourself to some pleasing views without any worry of some random jerk creating a nuisance or starting a fight. While also priding itself with having the most number of Penthouse Pets in the region, Hollywood Showgirls is the place to go if you ever have the need to conduct business in a strip club.

2. Toy Box Showgirls

Location: 3094 Surfers Paradise Blvd, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217
Contact: +61 7 5539 0166
Opening hours: Thu-Sun 8pm-3am

Toy Box Showgirls is quite popular because they take their service a step further; they’ll pick you and your pals up in a limo and deliver you directly to their door steps. So, apart from the show of girls and abundance of booze, you’ll also feel like a VIP.

 3. Players Showgirls

Location: 18 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise, QLD 4217
Contact: +61 7 5570 1433
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 8:30pm-5am 

In terms of ease of reach and location, few stripclubs in the region can best Players Showgirls. It is conveniently located in the heart of Surfers Paradise and just a stone’s throw away from all the action and gore that Orchids Ave has to offer.

4. Manhattan Club

Location: 15 Wharf Street, Coolangatta/North Tweed, NSW 2485
Contact: +61 7 5523 7775
Opening hours: 24 hours daily 

Many will hold the opinion that since Manhattan Club is not located on the strip, it isn’t the Gold Coast, but any customer knows that escaping the rigors of family and corporate life is non-negotiable. Additionally, traveling between states is not too much of a stretch when it’s only a brief cab ride down the road. Manhattan Club is your typical strip club seeing as it calls itself a “gentleman’s club”, has Penthouse Pets, and lots of booze.

5. Boob Cruise

Location: Marina Mirage, 4217
Contact: 0405 105 831

You really have to take a few seconds to appreciate the genius who came up with this name: Boob cruise. The name is quite apt because that’s exactly what this establishment is, a cruise of boobs, literally. You’d have noticed that we didn’t add opening hours, this is because it doesn’t have a specific location: it’s a boat cruise which can be booked privately.

Starting a business is hard, and many people make the stupid but surprisingly common mistake of spending more than 30 seconds coming up with a cutting-edge name. Not the good people at Boob Cruise though, who are as dedicated to telling you how it is as they are to boobs. On a cruise. Unlike the other best Gold Coast strip clubs, Boob Cruise doesn’t have a fixed location, as all the fun happens on a boat, which can be booked privately.

Simply brilliant.

So, that’s it lads! Go have some fun at these awesome stripclubs, you’re welcome.