What Are The Best Cheap SEO Optimization Tools


In order to do search engine optimization on your own, you are going to need a few tools that can help you. Most of the large organizations that do SEO have an arsenal of tools at their disposal. Although they may have many employees working for them which can do a multitude of the activities, without the proper tools, it would be virtually impossible for even a large SEO business to keep up with what needs to be done. Here is an overview of what these tools will be able to accomplish, and what some of the best cheap SEO optimization tools are today.



Do You Need Paid Or Free Tools?

The first thing that you need to understand is whether or not you should pay for that can help you basic strategies of search engine optimization per the recommendations of Google, you should have no problem using free tools in order to accomplish the same results. Some of these must be acquired from websites online, whereas others are already on your computer. You simply need to know where to go, and which software programs to use, to start properly optimizing your website.


What These Tools Can Do

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The tools that you will want to get will help you do a variety of things including find videos that are related to the topics that you are writing about, find images, and also help you find authority sites that are ranking for keywords that you would also like to target. It also helps to use software that can help you create a webpage such as the many WYSIWYG editors that are available. This is perfect for people that are not able to program in HTML, and you can also use plug-ins on WordPress themes that can also help you out.


Certain Tools To Avoid

There are certain tools that you should avoid when trying to build quality content such as content spinning tools because there is nothing that works better at getting your site the indexed than solely using a content spinning program. There is no software on the planet that can actually write unique content, and the search engine algorithms are intelligent enough to determine whether it was written by human, or if it is fun content. There is one reason that you should use spinning software or services and that is to provide consistent content on your blog to keep the search engine spiders coming back. This is used specifically to generate spider activity, but this content should never be a primary focus when you are trying to rank for specific keyword phrases.


Best Image Tools

Although it is recommended that you purchase images that you are going to post, it’s easy enough to use images and provide proper credit at the bottom with images that will allow you to do so. Your primary concern is actually locating images that you can use that are related to your topic. It is recommended that you use software that is freely available from companies like Getty images that will allow you to post images directly from your website. They will also show you how to properly give credit to those that have posted the images to stay within your legal bounds.


Best Video Tools

For videos, it is recommended that you use software such as Windows Movie Maker so that you can create your own videos and upload them to your own YouTube channel so that you can embed your own videos. This will allow you to benefit from not only the embedded video on each page that you post, but also get additional traffic from the videos that will easily rank on Google.


Best Authority Link Tools

For finding links, there is no need to actually purchase software for finding authority sites. Google will provide you with its top choices for the keywords that you enter into their search engine, and those will be the websites that you will want to link out to from each page that you post. If you can find a software program that will not only find authority links, but related images and videos, this would actually be a very good tool to use. To date, there is no software program that can do all of that, but there are many individual WordPress plug-ins that you can download for free to your WordPress blog that can provide you with this type of help.

In conclusion, there is really no need to purchase any software to be used for images, videos or finding authority sites. By simply using what is available from the many image websites, and the video programs already on your computer, you should have no problem creating fully SEO optimized websites that will have all of the images, videos and links to authority sites that can help you improve your rankings. If you are using a WordPress blog, you can download one of the many plug-ins that are freely available that can help you find and post images, as well as help you find videos that are related to your content. By adding these to your arsenal, it will increase the speed at which you are able to make your blog posts, and subsequently, start generating higher rankings on the search engine listings.