The Benefits Of A Mobile App SEO Strategy


When planning a strategy for marketing your company, and the products that you have to sell, mobile applications have become exceedingly popular. This has to do with how many people are actually spending money on the Internet, specifically over there cellular phones, with most of them using some type of mobile application. You can actually place your order within seconds, and have the product ready for delivery. Here are some of the top benefits for using a mobile application and combining search engine optimization with this strategy.


Why Mobile Apps Are So Popular



These mobile applications are actually very easy to make. You can also have people make one for you. The free services that allow you to make one are actually much better than they were a few years ago, but it’s definitely worth spending a little bit of extra money to make one exactly as you want them to be. Your advertisements will be placed on this application, and when people see them every time that they open up the app, this will give you a chance to sell them your products. However, you need to find a way to get people to download it. Most people will use the basic app stores that are for Google and Apple phones, but more advanced marketers will actually use search engine optimization strategies.


SEO And Mobile Applications

Mobile applications are actually easy to market through search engine optimization. You simply have to place them on a website where they can download them. Your website needs to rank for specific keywords. Once they have found their way to the top of the search engine listings, you will not have any problems selling your products as long as everything is targeted. For example, if you are selling a weight loss program, and your application gives weight loss tips, by targeting keywords related to those that are typed in by people searching for diet products, you will likely find many people that are willing to download your app and subsequently purchase what it is that you are selling.


Advanced Strategies With Mobile Application SEO Strategies

Instead of simply targeting keywords that people may type in, and creating a website which may or may not rank, you might want to consider using videos to market the apps that you are making. For example, you could create a video channel where people will come to see your new videos every week. These videos will then rank on the search engines very easily, especially for longtail keywords. You can put an intro and outro on the videos that you have created marketing a download for the app that you have designed. You can create videos very quickly, and once you have several hundred ranking, you will get several thousand downloads for your app over a years time. Every time that people use this application, they may consider your tips valuable enough that they will consider buying what you are selling. It’s a great way to generate as much traffic as you want by combining the marketing power of a mobile app with search engine optimization strategies connected to video marketing.


Using Social Media To Market Your Application




You can use social media to also market your video application. You simply have to create a Facebook page where you are posting information about the products that you sell. You will want to do this in an indirect fashion by providing tips, links to videos, and articles that people can read. This will lead them to your application downloads, and once you have thousands of followers, this will increase your downloads and sales exponentially. The key is to make sure that you are consistent when you are posting so that people are always aware of you every single day. They will see your posts in newsfeed, and once you have a substantial number of people following you, this can also create viral traffic. They may actually share post that you have made, and then your followers will begin to grow from those that are following them. This will subsequently lead to more downloads of your application, and more sales, simply because you created a Facebook page and you decided to post on a regular basis.

This type of marketing can be very profitable, regardless of which strategy you decide to implement. All of these are based upon marketing on the web, however it is possible to branch out in other directions. Some will actually place advertisements in the local paper to market their application or they may do a local radio spot. This will lead people to their website where they can subsequently download the application and you will be able to create even more sales along the way using these proven techniques.